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Guest Members

Bertrez Bond (Moyer)    
Jan Bussell (Teacher)    
Kim Cato (Fickers)
Harry Colbert (Jim'65 Brother)    
Laura Colbert (Daughter Of …)    
Ken Cole (Coach/Teacher)    
Ernie Cox (JHS Booster Club Pres. )   
Elizabeth DuBois (Teacher)    
Robert Haberstock (T…     
Wilson Hicks (Coach/…     
Barbara Jenkins West (Don '64 Sister)
Pat Johnston (JHS '69) (Riley)   
Joe Lang (Son Of Ron Lang)    
Joe McGrath    
Susan Neef Nevad (Niels' Wife)   
Victor Schott (Teacher…)     
David Schott (Son Of Victor S…   
Robert "Red" Shirar (T…)     
James Jim Sparger (Tea…)     
Robert Van Etten (Paula's…    
Ellen Whitacre (Kitts)   
Floyd Wilkes (Coach/…     
Stephanie Wilson (Daughter Of C…)   
Ann Zeegers